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39. Mother of a disabled child honors his life through advocacy

Michelle knows the questions to ask and has a heart of compassion to hear the answers. I was asked to share my story on this episode, but I wasn’t prepared for the deep connection that she so willingly allowed as we talked. Her own life experience empowers her to get to the real issues for those who have suffered loses. I highly recommend her podcast! She is well qualified. Thank you for your work., Michelle. Juli Henderson

Grief is Shared - Sharing is strength

I love this podcast because it allows us to learn from others through their experiences with loss, and how to weather the grief experience. Michelle allows her guests to explore with us the changes and emotions of their lives. There are so many facets and variations of loss, but we all feel grief and must walk in its midst. Hearing how it has affected others gives me hope in the middle of my grief. Thanks for all you do.

Losing my daughter and gaining eternal perspective

Michelle Heaton is a professional podcast interviewer. We first had a discussion on my story and Michelle shared her story. I knew I was at the right place and we proceeded to the next step, scheduling the interview. I found Michael filled with compassion and she let me do the interview with ease. I would go on her show again anytime she’d ask. It was a marvelous interview and I thank her for having this platform for me to be on. Carole Sluski

Terrific host, powerful and healing conversations!

Michelle is an amazing host with a huge heart to love, serve, and help people. She is not afraid to have courageous conversations and dig into deep things that people not only need to hear about, but want to hear about. Listen today…you won’t regret it!

Deeply poignant and touching

Michelle is such an amazing host, asking touching and insightful questions that go beyond the average conversation. The episodes are all very personal and moving, delving into the heart of grief and loss, and how to come back from such intense loss. The stories shared here are inspirational and can help so many who have suffered a loss recently, or long ago.

Deep, rich, moving!

Heart wrenching stories of loss, but hopeful and helpful ways to process grief. So grateful for this podcast!


Amazing podcast and terrific host. We share a bond that we wish on no mother but the comfort of knowing you are not alone in your grief journey matters. Please take a listen to to this podcast with transparency on life’s hardest moments to help you in your grief journey.

A Podcasting Guest's Dream!

I had the privilege of being a guest on Qualified - Lessons in Loss. Michelle is a great host. She comes prepared, asks great questions, and she's a joy to talk with. She's a podcasting guest's dream! It can be uncomfortable sharing my story and answering questions. Not only have I enjoyed my experience as a guest, but I truly enjoy listening to her other shows. She brings great topics that all inspire hope through adversity. Great job, Michelle!

Relatable and encouraging

Great podcast to bring hope!

How my divorce changed my life.

Michelle has a true gift and the heart for creating meaningful content to help those that have had or are struggling with loss. I pray the information she assembles goes to those that need to hear it. There is no reason we can not deal with the inevitable loss we experience in life and move forward through it.

Podcast experience

Michelle did such a great job with our conversation on her podcast. She was well prepared and had thoroughly done her research on me and the topic we discussed. In addition she made sure that I was comfortable with all of her questions in advance and allowed me to preview the results of the podcast before she posted it. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their audience.

Earned Qualifications

In the depth of pain something beautiful can still be manifested. Michelle has proven this beyond measure. Each step of her grief journey is uniquely hers, yet will serve as hope and encouragement to others.